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A platform built for giving



Helpa is a healthcare financing platform that allows people with critical illnesses to fundraise their treatments, surgeries, post-surgery care and other medical expenses from the public as charity.

We are building a product that sits in the confluence of “Healthcare, Finance and Technology” for Africa.

Helpa is built to give people fighting for their lives a chance, a mission we hold dear. We also ensure the donating public has a trusted platform to touch other people's lives and be sure they aren't donating to scammers or unverified causes.

  • To facilitate access to quality healthcare irrespective of our users' financial classes
  • To increase physical and mental wellness on the continent
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the mortality and morbidity rates in Africa

The vision at Helpa is to build a healthier Africa through sustainable healthcare financing with technology.

Why Helpa

Easy Setup

Create your account directly as a person or organisation and add your basic info.

Social Reach

Spread your campaign and get more support from people on social media.

Dual Advantage

Create more than one campaign at a time and promote them simultenously.

Safe and Secure

Our platform is protected against frauds by our trusted and expert safety team.

Convenient Monitoring

Our mobile view makes it easy for fundraiser to be able to monitor campaign performance.

Expert Advice

Our customer care service is available for quick enquires and expert advice.

helpa banner from unsplash
A medical fundraising website aimed at creating a healthy Africa one donation at a time.


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