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Helpa Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    This Privacy policy seeks to keep users informed on the details of the use, sharing and processing of personal information. It also contains the options open to users in respect to their data collected. These data collected help us fulfill our duty in monitoring the safety of all services in other to ensure the quality and safety of all our users.

    By the use and entry into this site and submitting or requesting information, you are deemed to have understood and agreed to the terms of this policy, and you will be treated as having given your consent also, for information processing as regards to the provision in this policy.

    Please note that “we”, us, or our the company”, refers to Helpa Care Foundation and “your”, “you” refers to the user.

    We respect your privacy as an individual/visitor and understands that health and general lifestyle is a very personal and sensitive subject, so we are committed to take logical steps to protect personal information and ‘Sensitive Personal Data or information’ (“SPDI”) of users of this site to comply with all regulatory and /or contractual obligations in respect to data privacy.

    Meanwhile, please be informed that this policy is prone to constant changes, as determined by the predominant laws and other contingency factors. So we encourage you to read through the updated versions thoroughly in its entirety before submitting any information.

  2. How We Generate Data

    We generate Data through the following medium;

    1. Data that our users furnish us with during account creation.
      1. User profile: some of the data collected includes names or initials, age, gender, weight, height, email and residential address, dates of birth, mobile number, professional or employment-related information (e.g. professional title and credentials), gender, username and password, financial information such as bank account or credit card or other payment instrument details, physical, physiological and mental health condition, medical records and history, and other health information that you provide during account registration or otherwise.
      2. User generated content: We collect the information users provide or generate when they use our services or interact with our customer support. We also collect information through ratings, research and survey responses. Please note that all survey responses are voluntary, and the information collected will be used for research and reporting purposes to help us better serve users. We can achieve this by learning more about their needs and the quality of our products and programs. We may also share anonymous user’s data for research and analysis purposes. We also maintain records of our communications and meetings with you.
      3. Demographic data: We collect demographic data about users such as age, gender, employment status and income through user surveys. This would help us to determine if our services are well received, the areas with larger subscription and how we are to improve our services.
    2. Data gathered during the use of our services.
      1. Location data: This data is collected when the app is opened on screen or in the background of user’s devices.
      2. App usage data: These includes but are not limited to data involving the app features and crashes, viewed pages, browser used, date and time of usage, sites and services of third parties visited and other service activity. In certain cases, we may use cookies, pixels, tags and other similar tracking technologies to create unique identities for users.
      3. Device data: Data about mobile devices used to access our services are crucial to us. To this end, we may collect data that deals directly with the device’s hardware models, its file management and operating system, the versions of the devices, IP address, installed software, advertising identifiers, and other data needed to identify the device.
    3. You agree that we retain the right to carry out due diligence where necessary to confirm the authenticity of the data generated through technological intelligence.

    Kindly note that we also collect additional information through;
    • User’s assessment, such as ratings, complaints, or compliments.
    • Third party data: we encourage referrals, however where a person is referred to us by a user, such user is obligated to provide us with the data of the referred person and the referred person agrees that we are permitted to receive and process his data. This also applies to the use of users’ account by a third party.
    • Data provided by users in connection with any legal rights, claim, proceedings or dispute.
    • Data available to the public.
    • Data received through marketing sources.
    • User’s data received from our business partners and affiliates through which user’s access our services. Examples includes payment providers, other apps and websites that use our API’s or whose API’s we use.
    We may merge the data collected from other sources with the data in our possession.
  3. How We Use Personal Data:

    We use personal data to provide information on products, services and future programs for your benefit. To manage your orders, arrange the provision or receipt of goods and services, and to get payments for services provided, to manage information related to your attendance at events and outreaches which we organize periodically. The company may also use your data to deliver specific programs to you when you enroll for such.

    Other use may include:

    1. Generally managing your information;
    2. Responding to questions, comments and requests;
    3. Providing access to certain areas and features of the Helpa care Sites; and
    4. Permitting you to register for events or participate in webinars and other related activities organized by the Foundation.
    5. We may use the data about you for administrative purposes including, without limitation, to:

      1. Measure interest in Helpa Care Foundation and its activities.
      2. Perform internal quality control, verify identity, send communications regarding Helpa Care Foundation programs or services or any changes to Helpa Care Foundation policy, prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities; and enforce our Terms of Use.

    Please note that in protecting the data of users, we do not exchange user’s personal data with third parties for their direct mail advertising, except with the prior consent of our users.

    In addition to the above, also note that we also use data for the following purposes;

    • Impersonal Data: Helpa Care Foundation may use and share your impersonal information within the Helpa Care Foundation or with Third Parties for public health, research, analytics and any other legally permissible purposes.
    • Court orders and Legal investigations: Helpa Care Foundation may use and share your Personal Information for the purpose of responding to court orders and legal investigations or on the legitimate interest of the Company to comply with regulatory laws.
    • Decision making: we reserve the right to deactivate users who have been observed and identified with fraudulent or other activities that is likely to negatively affect our brand name.
    • To create distinct identities for users through cookies, pixels, web beacons and other identity technologies.
    • We may include third party links which are out of our control. You are strongly advised to review the privacy policies of third- party sites and Apps that you are directed to before continuing to use their services. Users hereby agree to exonerate Helpa Care Foundation from any liability arising out of the use and practices of third-party sites.
    • We may also engage the services of other sites to advertise our services across the internet. These sites may use cookies, pixels, web beacons or any other technology to track and identify visitors to our websites and services.
    • Other Uses: Helpa Care Foundation may use your personal Information for other purposes disclosed to you at the time you provide personal Information or with your consent.
    • Sharing of Data and Full Disclosure

    • Users are hereby informed that we may share your personally identifiable information with our affiliates, agents, contractors, or trusted business partners in order to further enhance our services.
    • Users are hereby informed that we may share data with other users based on user’s request.
    • We may share your personally identifying information with third parties as required by law, to protect and defend the rights of the Helpa Care Foundation, its website, or its users under circumstances we believe reasonably necessary to protect the personal safety of users of Helpa Care Foundation products and services, or the public, or as specifically directed by you.
    • We will share your personal information with third parties only in ways that are described in this privacy policy. Please note that we do not sell your personal information to third parties.
    • We may collect information from other sources and combine it with information we collect about you under this Privacy Notice.
    • We may share data of users for legal reasons or in connection with any legal proceedings.
    • We also may share data for marketing and communication purposes provided that the prior consent of users are obtained.
    • Personal data may be viewed by the general public when users interact with us by dropping reviews, information or complaints on our websites or social media handles.
    • Update, alterations and modifications to this privacy policy.

    • Helpa Care Foundation may, from time to time in its sole discretion, change or modify this Privacy Notice to accommodate new technologies, industry practices, regulatory requirements or for other purposes. Any changes or modifications will be effective upon posting of the revised policies on the website.
    • Also users would be given enough time to read through the changed policy and contact us with any question or query as regards the new privacy policy.
    • Notice of updated and/or modified privacy policy shall remain on our website for a period of 14 days from the date of publication after which it shall be taken down. By continuing to use the site and mobile application you agree to be bound by the terms of the new policy.
  4. Data Protection Rights of Users

    Just as we understand that privacy is important in this digital world, we also acknowledge the rights of our users as regards these data. To this end, users have the right to the following;

    1. The right to withdraw consent for your data to be processed;
    2. Right to erase and delete your data
    3. Right to have your data transferred at your request
    4. Right to object to your data being processed.
  5. Questions on our Privacy Policy

    All questions, concerns and complaints arising from this privacy policy should be forwarded to our email address at hello@helpa.me

helpa banner from unsplash
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