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Get help with Medical Fundraising

With Helpa, fundraise or donate to assist a sick stranger, friend, family or acquaintance to cover the cost of their medical treatment.

Medical Treatment Fundraising in Nigeria

Many people in developing countries like Nigeria and Africa as a whole or elsewhere, struggle to access affordable healthcare, especially for chronic medical conditions. Many rely on financial support from friends and family to cover their medical expenses. Unfortunately, there are not so many opportunities to create medical fundraising to receive donations easily until Helpa came into the picture.

Helpa: Best Medical Fundraising Site for Individuals and NGOs in Africa

Explore the power of medical treatment fundraising on Helpa to finance the healthcare needs for yourself or your loved ones. Discover how individuals, organizations, and communities come together to make quality medical care a reality through Fundraising on Helpa.

Ongoing Medical Fundraisers by Individuals

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Fundraising for NGO in Nigeria

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Helpa is the best medical fundraising site in Africa

Easy Setup

Helpa makes it easy to start your medical treatment fundraiser with an easy three steps setup

Social Reach

On Helpa, you can easily spread word about your medical fundraising campaigns and get more support from people on social media.

Dual Advantage

Helpa makes it easy for you to create multiple fundraising campaigns to pay for different healthcare procedures at once. Plus you can promote them all simultaneously

Safe and Secure

Our platform is protected against frauds by our trusted and expert safety team.

Convenient Monitoring

Our mobile view makes it easy for fundraiser to be able to monitor campaign performance.

Expert Advice

Our customer care service is available for quick enquires and expert advice.

7 Effective Medical Fundraising Tips for a Successful Campaign on Helpa

helpa healthcare fundraising how to increase donation
Follow these campaign guide to increase your donation turnout.

Create a compelling medical fundraising story

Explain why you are raising money and how your project or cause will impact others.

Set amount and duration

Add donation amount and set the duration for your medical fundraising campaign

Appeal to donors emotion

You can get people to act faster for your fundraiser if the story is emotional. You can quickly raise funds for the medical treatment fundraising goals when many people are motivated to act.

Match your pictures with your campaign objective

Let the pictures be extremely relevant to the medical condition you're trying to raise money for.

Set realistic healthcare fundraising goals

Let the amount you're trying to raise for your medical needs on Helpa be realistic. People can quickly distinguish a genuine medical fundraising campaign from a fake.

Promote your campaign on social media

Share your campaign link with your friends and followers, and encourage them to donate.

Offer appreciation to donors

This may be anything from a simple thank-you note to exclusive membership opportunity with other philanthropists like them.

Match your pictures with your campaign objective

Let the pictures you use correspond with the fundraiser you're trying to create. You cannot use a brain surgery picture with a palliative project campaign.

Add hospital documents

Adding relevant hospital documents will put some substance to your claims and make your fundraising campaign on Helpa become more genuine to willing donors

What is medical fundraising?

Medical fundraising is a financial model that allows individuals, organizations, and communities to seek support and raise funds online to cover their medical expenses. It is a way to raise money for healthcare by collecting small donations from a large number of people.

How to raise funds for medical treatment on Helpa in 3 easy steps

helpa donation statistics

Let's get to know you. Share a couple of info about you like your name and location.

helpa donation statistics

Create a free campaign It's easy. Tell your story or the story of the fundraiser you're trying to create and add relevant image or video.

helpa donation statistics

Share your campaign link. Reach more people who can donate by sharing your Helpa campaign link with them.

Benefits of medical fundraising with Helpa

Helpa allows you the ability to make your fundraising easily and quickly. Here are some benefits of using Helpa:

Helpa has a large and engaged community of donors in the online space, so you are more likely to reach your medical fundraising goals quicker.

Helpa makes it easy to create and manage a healthcare fundraising campaign, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Helpa offers a variety of features to help you promote your campaign, such as social media integration and email marketing tools.

Helpa make it easy to share your medical fundraising campaign on your social media handles to generate more traffic and traction.

How to start a fundraising campaign on Helpa

To start a fundraising online campaign on Helpa takes a few steps


Simply create a free Helpa account here.


Create a campaign: Be sure to include a clear and concise description of your campaign, as well as photos and videos.


You should also set a fundraising goal and a deadline for your campaign.

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